Saturday, 5 October 2013

Laughter is the Best Medicine

They say laughter is good for you and tonight I have done a lot of it!

The venue - Royal Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool. The comedian - Bill Bailey. He covered celebrities, language, politics (including the tiniest, squeakiest Nick Clegg you could think of), Downton Abbey, music and owls! 

All political parties were equally ridiculed to the delight of the audience and I have to sayost people seemed to agree with what was said. 

I knew Bill had a musical background was was amazed at the amount of instruments that he played, including at the end a selection of bike horns. My favourite musical part was several different versions of the Match of the Day theme. This included a Jewish folk version which was very catchy.

Personally I would say if you get the chance to see Bill Bailey then do!