Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Chris Powell

I've had some dark days as a Charlton supporter. Leaving The Valley has to be the lowest but 11March 2014 is down there with them.

Today Charlton's new owner decided to sack Chris Powell. A man who has worked miracles in the last three seasons to give us back a club we felt proud of and loved in the way only Charlton fans can. A man who we felt was one of us and not just a man in a suit. A man who wasn't scared to celebrate with the fans when the circumstances were right.

Now we have a new "Head Coach" a title which always makes me think that someone else is running the team. Is he a yes man? Only time will tell as it will as to whether Charlton stay up or descend to League One again. 

Whatever happens we have a lot to thank Chris Powell for. Personally it's promotion at Carlisle for me but I'm sure other Charlton fans have their own special moment. 

Thank you Chris. You will be missed. 
From "Diary Cloud"

Monday, 10 March 2014

Wembley or Bust

I haven't blogged for a while and definitely not about Charlton Athletic but feel I need to get yesterday out of my system.

The day started well having woken up on time and the first train was on time to get me to Liverpool South Parkway. The train to Manchester arrived on time and I set off with high hopes for Sheffield. All was going well until trespassers on the line meant a detour via Leeds. Instead of a leisurely walk to the ground a quick dash was made to finally find the away end and my seat just before kick off.

There was plenty of optimism amongst the Charlton fans but still the nagging thought that things could go wrong. First half was pretty even with neither side really making the keepers work.  

The second half started much the same as the first with neither side looking like scoring. Then a break for Charlton left Callum Harriott with a shot from 12 yards with the keeper stranded. It became a head in hands moment as Callum shot narrowly wide. 

That seemed to galvanise Sheffield United and it seemed that almost immediately they went down the other end and scored to the delight of their fans. Still there was hope. One goal and we would be back on level terms. Two minutes later another goal was scored - sadly a deflected shot off Richard Wood which left Ben Hamer completely wrong footed.

That goal seemed to knock the stuffing out of Charlton and it was all we could do to keep United at bay. In the end the final whistle could not come soon enough for me personally and certainly for the delighted Sheffield fans.

As the final whistle blew the Charlton team and fans all looked and felt totally dejected. We all knew we had that chance of Wembley glory but for us it wasn't to be.