Saturday, 9 April 2011

A Point Gained

A point today at Oldham. A point when so many, including me wanted three. And it was a point gained after Christian Dailly was sent off in the 34th minute for retaliation. It was a high boot by Rueben Reid but also disappointing that Dailly retaliated. This meant that Therry Racon was sacrificed to bring Jon Fortune on.

Now as I don't see Charlton very often I have to rely on those on Twitter and the website to tell me how the players are doing. So these are the players who stood out for me:

John Sullivan - kept a clean sheet and looked more than capable. Thought he dealt well with everything thrown at him and apart from one ball across the area I didn't think Oldham would beat him. My Man of the Match.

Chris Solly - first time I've seen this young man and was pleasantly surprised. He's got a lot to learn but kept his shape with the back four and didn't appear to be worried about anything thrown at him. Definitely one for the future!

Jose Semedo - Lost his partner in crime in Therry Racon when Dailly was sent off, but that didn't deter him. He bossed the midfield and made runs to support Wright-Phillips and Benson as well as being his usual tough tackling self.

Michael Stewart - I was impressed by Michael and hope we can sign him permanently. Although he was set for centre midfield, he seemed happy enough to play wide. Looked determined.

Scott Wagstaff - I'm a big Waggy fan and he didn't disappoint today. Started off on the right wing, but moved across to the left when required. Helped Chris Solly out when needed.

Paul Benson - I reckon Benno covered virtually every blade of grass today. Ran non-stop and linked up well with Bradley Wright-Phillips. Good to see him back in the team and he got more service than last time I saw him! 

One last note: a person highlight for me today was getting to meet the very lovely Sue Gallop, known to her friends on Twitter as @suzysue8. 

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