Sunday, 31 July 2011


It's the time of year when most people are looking to get away from home and spend a week or two away, preferably in the sun. For us this year, for varying reasons, we have stayed at home for what is now called a Staycation. 

The fortnight started on the Thursday evening when a family visit to the cinema to see the 12:01am showing of "Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part Two" took place. All my stepchildren are huge Harry Potter fans and when they were younger, it was a given that when the new book was out a midnight trip to the local supermarket would take place to ensure that copies of the book were bought to be eagerly read over the weekend. So a chance to be one of the first to see the new film was not to be turned down. 
Next up was my husband Glenn's birthday. As he usually works away we don't usually get to celebrate his birthday on the day. In our house the person celebrating gets to choose where to have dinner. Curry was chosen and so the local, and extremely delicious, curry restaurant received a visit from us. A couple of hours later, five well stuffed people emerged!

The following day was our wedding anniversary. Now when we planned this I clearly remember asking Glenn if he was OK with the anniversary being the day after his birthday. No problem he said. On our first anniversary I found out why it was no problem - he can't forget it! Still we've now been married eight years so we must be doing something right.

We've tried to split our time between doing things in the house we never find time to and spending time with the children. I say children but they are now 21, 18 and 16. Gone are the days of days out to the beach on sunny days and the museum when it rained. Now it's more likely to be "Daaad can I have some money please?" Hannah was at work during the two weeks, but still managed to create havoc. I've never known one person make so much noise whilst getting ready for work!

Glenn and Andrew did manage a couple of rounds of golf, the highlight being Glenn's hole in one on the first hole! At least he said he improved whereas Andrew says he needs new clubs. 

Glenn and I also went to see Deacon Blue in concert. I have to be honest here and say I'm not really a fan, but with any relationship comes compromise. The support act were Angels in White, a group of five young ladies who appeared on stage with a keyboard player and a guitarist and proceeded to sing. No dancing as such, no gimics just them. And they were pretty good. If you get a chance look them up on YouTube. They won't be to everyone's taste but worth a listen.

Deacon Blue on the other hand were brilliant. I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of the concert and considering I only know four words to any of their songs, I still managed to almost lose my voice. Ricky Ross has a stage presence that not all lead singers can enjoy and Lorraine McIntosh has more energy that others half her age! 

The one thing I did really enjoy was watching the audience. A little boy aged about 8 was in the row in front with his parents and elder sister. From the look on his face he was disgusted at how embarrassing his parents were as they dared to enjoy themselves. The rest of the audience ranged from people on their 20's to people in their 50's all determined to sing and dance and generally enjoy themselves. It was amazing looking round the auditorium at all these people having fun. 

Today is pretty much the last day of our time off. Glenn has enjoyed a whisky tasting session which was his Father's Day present and we decided another family meal out was called for. Sometimes this is the only way to get all five of us together in one place but is always enjoyable.

On our return Andrew and Laura (yes much confusion in our house!) brought out their guitar and keyboard and we have been listening them playing everything from The Beatles to The Killers via The Eagles, The Police and many more. They are both very talented and Laura also plays electro/acoustic guitar which she has taught herself.

Monday morning means back to work and back to the normal routine. Roll on October when I can do this all over again!

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