Sunday, 20 July 2014

Concert Behaviour

I have a bugbear when it comes to concerts and one that I share with at least one person. That is why do people buy concert tickets and then proceed to get drunk & talk through the whole concert?

I do realise that it's a night out but YOU'VE PAID MONEY TO WATCH SOMEONE PERFORM FOR YOU!!!! If you just want to get drunk then why not go to a pub or club for the evening?

Last year I went to see Deacon Blue at the Echo Arena in Liverpool. I had very good seats being fairly central and three rows back. By the end of the concert I was glad I hadn't worn decent shoes as the floor was covered in half filled cups of alcohol swimming in more alcohol. The couple sitting in front of us had put their jackets on the back of the chairs. At some point they ended up on the floor and were soaked through.

All through the concert people were leaving their seats to go and buy alcohol which is very annoying when you have the aisle seats. Others were watching the concert through their mobile phones or just chatting. 

I find this behaviour very strange. Tickets cost usually £30+ depending on venue/seat/artist. Presumably you've bought the tickets because you like the artist in question. So why miss huge chunks of a concert queuing for drinks? 

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