Saturday, 15 April 2017

Checkatrade Trophy

One of my oldest friends, and mother of my gad daughter, is an Oxford United fan. For the past two seasons Oxford have reached the final of the Football League Trophy, which is currently known as the Checkatrade Trophy, at Wembley and my friend has kindly invited us to the game.

This year the final was against Coventry City who are languishing at the bottom of League One. Looking at the difference in teams we thought Oxford would have a decent chance of winning.

Unfortunately for Oxford they played below par whilst Coventry raised their game in front of around 43,000 of their fans. Coventry scored early and then defended well while counter attacking and were good value for their 2:1 win. Oxford didn't score until the 75th minute and only really got into the game then.

The Coventry fans used the game as a chance to protest against their owners and several times the chant of "Stand up if your owner's shit" rang out with virtually all Coventry fans on their feet. I have to admit it was tempting for me to join them but it would have looked a bit odd in the middle of the Oxford fans. I was standing up in spirit though!

All in all it was a good day out and I enjoyed catching up with my friends. I have promised not to go next season if Oxford are in the final again - assuming this trophy exists.

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