Sunday, 26 March 2017

British Gymnastics

Last year it was announced that the British Gymnastics Championships would be held at the Echo Arena in Liverpool. Having watched Gymnastics on TV and enjoyed it we thought we would watch it live.

When I bought the tickets I went for the upper tier as we wanted to see everything that was going on. We ended up near the uneven bars and the floor with the high bar a bit further away.

Although neither Max Whitlock or Nile Wilson were competing both were there to give support to the other competitors - much to the delight of several thousand children who screamed and clapped when they were announced. However Claudia Fragapane & Ellie Downie were for the women along with James Hall for the men.

Claudia's floor routine was fabulous and it was easy to see how being on Strictly Come Dancing had given her the confidence to be more expressive. Ellie Downie's routine was also very good. The strength and power of the men is something that doesn't really come over on the TV.


The only downside to the afternoon was not being able to watch everything at once and that is a minor complaint. It's like being at an athletics meeting when there is so much going on that you can't take it all in. However I would go again as I very much enjoyed watching both the current and future British stars.

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